2014 Shobou Con Schedule

Plan your day at

Shobou Con!!!

***All panels and activites are free and open to the public while supplies last!!!***


10:00 AM

Learn to LARP

(Meeting Room)

Would you like to learn about the fine art of Live Action Role-Playing? Gather ’round for a demo + meet-and-greet with real live role-players in our community!

Glitter Tattoos

(Activity Room)

What happens when you add glitter and tattoos? Sparkly magic on your arm! Pick a pattern and sport a flashy totem of your day at Shobou Con! (Tattoos last 7 days on average.)

Marble Magnets

(Conference Room)

Jazz up your ‘fridge with some one-of-a-kind magnet art made at Shobou Con!

11:00 AM

Candy Sushi

(Meeting Room)

Join us for one of Shobou Con’s favorite annual events: Candy Sushi! Create your own sweet treat version of sushi!


(Activity Room)

Bring your favorite songs and rock out with your friends!

Naruto Headbands

(Conference Room)

Bring out your inner ninja with a Naruto Headband custom crafted by you, for you!

12:00 PM

Chopstick Relay Race

(Meeting Room)

So you think you can use chopsticks, but how good are you really?? Come find out and maybe learn a bit about how to make those stick-like utensils work for you!

Cosplay 101

(Activity Room)

Have you seen it at the cons but don’t know where to begin? Step inside the Activity Room to learn from the pros.

Soot Sprites For Your Pocket

(Conference Room)

Craft your own adorable little buddy to cart around during Shobou Con. Your new friend will bring you good luck and a clean house if you treat it kindly!

1:00 PM

Animated Music Video Contest

(Meeting Room)

We’ve collected some amazing videos to share with you, and here’s your big chance to view and vote for the next Shobou Con AMV winner!!

What Would You Do For Pocky?

(Activity Room)

The ODU Anime Club has designed a rigorous set of challenges to resolve once and for all what YOU will do for Pocky!

Shrinky Dink Keychains & Necklaces

(Conference Room)

Create your own shrinky dink treasures! We’ll bake them while you watch!

Bring Your Own Bento (B.Y.O.B.)

(Grassy Knoll)

Bring a lunch and enjoy a picnic beside our cherry blossom tree! Show off your bento building skills and make some friends! *Weather permitting.*

2:00 PM

Whose Line is it Anime?

(Meeting Room)

Participate in a hilarious series of improv skits or just sit back and laugh!

Fan Fiction

(Activity Room)

Local author Dominique McKinney will share with you the fine art of Fan Fiction! Learn what it takes to get published, and where to find the best Fan Fic the Internet has to offer.

Pokemon Origami

(Conference Room)

Gotta catch ’em all! Don’t miss this chance to create your very own Pokemon!

3:00 PM

Cosplay Contest

(Meeting Room)

Join us for the Cosplay Contest for a chance to see your favorite Manga and Anime characters brought to life! The Cosplay Contest will be judged by Toa Cosplay and christeenapants. AMV and Artist Alley winners will be announced while our judges deliberate! You may want to line up early to get a seat!

Animehead Jeopardy

(Activity Room)

Are you a know-it-all? Try your luck at Animehead Jeopardy! One lucky winner is walking away with a Squishable!

Interactive Stations:

Manga Book Swap

The Book Swap is setting up shop in the Book Drop. Trade in your old manga for something new!

Ninja Bunnies

Stop by the Children’s Room to make your very own Ninja Bunny. This super easy craft is perfect for little hands, and it will be running all day!

Artist Alley

Cast your vote for our second annual artist contest! All votes must be in by 2:00 PM. The winners will be announced during the Cosplay Contest!

Video Game Station

Relax with your friends and play video games on the big screen! This is a great spot to rest your feet and gear up for the next great Shobou Con adventure!


Find a spot in the Children’s Room to enjoy some kid-friendly anime!


Say hello to our vendors on the second floor and maybe buy some souveniers!


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