Cosplay Contest Info

Shobou Con Application 2014

Hello Cosplayers!

Shobou Con will once again be hosting our Cosplay Contest! To participate you’ll need to fill out this form. Feel free to bring it with you the day of the con . Please note that this year everyone under 18 must have a parent’s signature to participate!

All of the rules and information should be included in the application, but if you have any questions at all please contact me at

Thanks and have a wonderful day!



9 thoughts on “Cosplay Contest Info

  1. If our parents aren’t going to be there the day of the con can we bring a seperate piece of paper with their signiture or is there somewhere to print out the form?

    • Hello,

      The form can be printed at any Chesapeake Public Library. If you let me know which one you will be visiting I’ll make arrangements for a printed copy to be at the desk for you. How does that sound?


    • You can cosplay any character you like! You can even create your own character! The most important thing is to love what you do!

      Also, if you are into comic books, mark your calendar for Free Comic Day at the Indian River Library May 3, 2014. There will be a costume contest then too!

      • Just for the contest specifically? I was thinking of doing Deadpool, but he isn’t really an anime character, more of a comic book character!

      • Wear what you love! As long as it is family friendly, we’ll love it too!
        Our judges panel is an external group, so I can’t promise you the grand prize, but rocking out on Shobou Con day dressed just the way you want seems like a winning idea! Getting excited about your character is half the fun and if Deadpool is inspiring you then roll with it!

      • This is a tricky question…

        Here’s the official approved answer:
        “The organizers retain the right to ban on site any cosplay prop deemed by organizers to be a hazard or nuisance,
        regardless of its nature or compliance with above rules. In this event, the contestant will be required to leave the event
        and not return until the object is left in a location outside the building. Refusal to do so automatically disqualifies the
        contestant and will result in a banning from the event.”

        Here’s how I see it:
        Real weapons are absolutely not permitted.

        Fake weapons and accessories are being dealt with on a case by case basis this year. I know that isn’t a perfect answer, but we want to respect the artistic expression of our Cosplay Artists (because we do see Cosplay as an art form) and we must maintain a space that is welcoming to the general public. If your fake weapons are used exclusively for the Cosplay Contest and they are handled by someone mature enough to not make a nusiance and hazard of the fake weapons then you should be relatively safe. However if a staff member feels that an item is inappropriate then our policy regarding props will kick in and you’ll be asked to store the prop off library property.

      • Thanks! i’ll probably not dress up just to stay out of trouble, but i’ll definitely be going!!!

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